Founder & CEO

urbanAsk (Sacramento, CA)

Created a location-based, social search application for Android, iOS, and mobile web using PhoneGap Build with HTML5/CSS3/Javascript. Developed an extensive gamification system similar to Stack Overflow, including voting on questions and answers, user ranking, local leaderboards, badges, and reputation. Built a scalable RESTful API with JSON messaging using ASP.NET against a SQL Server backend. Authenticated with Twitter, Facebook, SMS and email. Deep integration with Facebook Open Graph, including questions as geo-tagged wall posts, answers as comments, upvotes on questions as post likes, upvotes on answers as comment likes, and accepting answers as comments on posts. Sent notifications of new activity and accepted questions using Twilio SMS API. Pushed iOS and Android notifications using Urban Airship API. Used Twitter API to post answers of Twitter-authorized users. Scanned Twitter timeline for potential question phrases and converted them to in-app questions automatically. Converted in-app answers to tweets to respond to those questions all without the user signing up. Displayed maps of questions and answers, and searched Google Places using Google Maps API. Sought and received an initial seed round. Released two major versions and dozens of minor versions to iTunes App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore for Android.

Chief Software Architect

NHXS - National Healthcare Exchange Services (Sacramento, CA)

Designed and developed core system architecture including propriety XML-based messaging, .NET business and data objects, and security infrastructure to allow scalable, predictable, reliable growth. Designed and developed EDI server pipeline to load HIPAA 835, 837, 997, 271 and 277 files. Processed over 500 MB of files day. Designed and developed a universal claim adjudication and pricing engine capable of pricing claims from all national payers. Processed over 500,000 HIPAA 835 and 837 EDI files a day. Designed SQL Server database to handle 100 GB growth a month and up to 10 million transactions a day. Designed server and RAID architecture to handle database and file processing load. Developed a front-facing ASP.NET website for providers with an HTML5/CSS3 forms engine for the appeal print process. Created public RESTful API for claim and EOB submission, retrieval, repricing, and fee schedule maintenance. Managed programming team assignments, schedule, and deliverables. Data used by the American Medical Association to create the National Health Insurer Report Card, a key metric in healthcare transparency.

Lead Developer

CA Department of Health Services (Sacramento, CA)

Worked with Microsoft Consulting to architect and develop an n-tier application to manage federal drinking water fund distribution using Visual Basic, SQL Server, and XML Messaging. Converted application to ASP web application managing entire funding lifecycle: funding invitations, loan applications, approval, fund distribution, repayments, and tracking. Replaced legacy mainframe system handling water systems, water sources, contacts, projects, employees, and employee tasks. Used ASP, VBScript, DHTML, XML, XSLT, T-SQL, and VB COM Business Objects. Transitioned application to VB.NET, ASP.NET, and ADO.NET. Mentored team of in-house programmers to support and upgrade application. Managed programming team assignments, schedule, and deliverables.

Senior Programmer Analyst

VSP - Vision Service Plan (Rancho Cordova, CA)

Designed and developed an n-tier claims processing application using VB, XML, and SQL Server. Used MS Office automation to generate letters to doctors and patients from Word templates. Implemented data-to-business object communication using XML messaging. Imported claim data from an ASP web application used by doctors. Converted enterprise applications from SQL Server to DB2. Modified server applications to prevent deadlocks. Added mainframe screen scraping to an existing claims processing application.