urbanAsk was a real-time, location-­based, social search application that combined the simplicity of Twitter with the gamification of Stackoverflow. It was available on iPhone, Android, and the web.

Every Single Unicode Character Ever

I created a chart of Every. Single. Unicode. Character. Ever. on a single page. This thing is fucking huge and takes foreverty seconds to load.

stiff 1.0 Tumblr Theme

@ThinkingStiff Twitter Bot

I wrote a twitter bot called @ThinkingStiff to take the #1 spot on cursebird.com, a (now-defunct) site that tracked tweets with curse words in them. I wrote about it in my blog.

Interesting N-Grams

A blog with n-grams 1 I've created from the books in the Google archive over the last 200 years. Trends in the usage of terms can reveal interesting things about the collective consciousness over time.

Daily Pi

This is seriously useful. I post one digit of pi every day at Daily Pi. You're welcome.